Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Walgreens should have a warning label...

You remember walking into Claire's in 5th grade with your thirty dollars of saved chore/babysitting money so excited to spend a little bit of it on fancy hot pink earrings... the occasional stripped headband...and of course the scrunchies that had fake hair all the way around that made your pony tail look spikey all the way around.
And I know that you have all experienced the fear when you went up to the counter to buy the several 6$ priced items thinking you were getting a great deal only to realize that the bill was 42.50!

Then we all discovered forever 21! We all thought we were older and wiser and knew how to spend money wisely...
But they always catch you with all the amazing little 4$ bracelets, 8$ bags and 3$ tank tops. But they still always get cha! Leaving the store with a smaller bill than 35$ is impossible! There is even the occasional 67$ bill! Ahhh!

How does it happen? How do all of the cheaply priced items some how add up so quickly! And it never ceases to surprise me!

.....but now.... There is a new store that is robbing our cute mom wallets and vera bradley purses.... Walgreens. WALGREENS! Everything in this wonderfully amazing, product diverse, fairly priced store is eye catching!Everything is a must have! There is cheap makeup, every hair product you can imagine, nail files, food, medication, FLU SHOTS for heaven sakes! They even have those tiny scruchie shirts that somehow stretch out to fit anyone that we all coveted back in 6th grade! It's a treasure trove in there!

And thus.... I have, yet again, found a store where is it impossible to leave without at least spending 30$. Even when you just go in looking for some dramamine...(what happened to me monday.)

So... in conclusion... Walgreens should have a warning on it. It is officially the new forever 21!!!!
I want to tell you that you should stay away but it is just such a wonderful place and I have found so many wonderful things there! I just got this nail polish that is this really really light pink that blends with my skin and makes my fingers look longer and even more than that, it was two dollars and IT DOESNT CHIP! and EVERYTHING chips off my nails.

so. I guess what I'm trying to say is... Walgreens is the new forever 21. Go there!

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