Wednesday, 26 May 2010

more to come....

Ok, just so you know.... here's what is coming! I'm just too tired to jeep catching up tonight!
ok... FRANCE!! of course France. I'll put up a ton from france and all we did and all the wonderful pictures we took! (you can look on facebook now and look at some of the pictures already actually.. but I'll put them up here too soon.)

Also!... the Tower of London.....
the country walk....
and the National Theater of London backstage tour! yay.

ok. that's all for now. good night. I love you all. a lot.

I have a girl crush on Ingrid Michaelson...

Ekkkk!!!!! I got to see Ingrid Michaelson live tonight and it was incredible!!! If you aren't already listening to her music, start. She is incredible, and even better live! So So so so good. I may or may not have cried. And when I say I may or may not... I mean I did. It was so good.
She's got such an amazing voice and was so engaging on stage. I definitely have a girl crush on this girl. I'll put up pictures from this soon!


The Tempest, Unicorn Theater.

Yet another Shakespeare show and at least two more to comeeeee.
This show was fun. I liked it. Not my favorite. It was targeted to a young audience which I think is great! I think we need to get kids more interested in Shakespeare earlier on. And the young kids there LOVED it, and understood it! I think this was great! The character work of the actors was great and I thought everyone did a great job.

as always... here are some quotes:
*"Your tale sir, could cure deafness."
*"I wish my eyes with in themselves would shut up my thoughts."
*"There is nothing ill that can dwell in such a temple."
*"I am a fool to weep at what I am glad of."
*"We are such things as dreams are made of."

39 Steps!

Ha Ha Ha! This show was awesome! Lex, Heidi and I went to it on our own and it was so fun and unique. I loved it. It was a four person cast that did a a comedy of a huge mash up of all the Hitchcock films! So SO fun. loved it. I'm sure I didn't get all of the jokes that were in it but I loved it. It was fast paced... like everything here, and funny, slapstick, and full of an incredibly talented cast. Oh, and these four characters played about 40 different characters throughout the show! awesomeeee

Two quotes from it that I really liked though:
*"May I ask you what earthquake got your brain working finally?"
*"So long as I am at this podium, I am free from the cares and anxieties of a man in my state."


This is a photo with the lead of War Horse, Albert, and I after the show! He did a wonderful job!

War Horse

Last night we saw War Horse at the New London Theater! So So So So SO So So Sooooo good. So good. what more is there to say. it was like..... the movie Shenandoah meets Lion King on broadway (meaning the puppets)... meets.... Lassy? Ok.. weird. Yes. Bad description. Yes. But it was excellent when it all came together. It was set during world war I in England. It was the story of a boy and his horse and the love they had for each other even when they were forced apart from each other by the war. This sounds cheesy, but I promise. It was beautiful. Gorgeous. The lighting was simple, as was the set and blocking, but this helped us to focus on the story and acting and of course the puppet horses. These horses were OUT OF CONTROL AMAZING! the study that must have gone in to understanding exactly the way horses move and react and live must have been so incredibly extensive.... we usually forgot that the horses were not real. Each horse was controlled by three actors dressed as normal people and yet we still forgot. The horses were brilliant. The show was very "Brecht" style. This is hard to explain... there are hundreds of books on him I'm sure... but basically.... at the end of every scene a man came on singing a different old folk song that may or may not have fit in with the story but was gorgeous. The screen above the stage would tell us the date and place of every scene.... Sometimes the characters knew the audience was there and sometimes they didn't. It was different and it was stunning. If you ever get the chance to go.... GO. it was beautiful.

Here are some notes that I took during the show. Hope you like 'em!
*"Only remembered for what we have done."
*"We'll destroy those germans and be back before tea." (Isn't it funny how everyone seems to think this before every war....?)
*"Don't show any fear or pity. This is normal from now on."
*"Do you know about death? Do horses know about death?"
*"Can I tell you a secret? I'm fighting. I don't know what I'm doing. I spent my whole life preparing for war and now I just want to see my daughter and go home."
*"I think I would rather kill myself than go back to the fighting."
*"Once you are dead, there is no more war. This is good, no?"

The Real Thing

We saw The Real Thing at the Old Victoria Theater. It was fantastic. First of all, the play is written by Tom Stoppard, and if you don't know who that is, that's totally fine, but in the theater world he's a pretty big deal. He does excellent work. And the acting was also superb. Anyway, so the show was about relationships (of course.. it seems that everything is about those...) but it looked at it from a different point of view. What is real to you? Your house? Your Family? Your relationship? Is it real? Or is it only your perception of reality? The whole stage was inside a giant picture frame asking, in my opinion, this very question. Love is something you choose to have in your life. Something you choose to keep. Love doesn't just fall into your lap. "real" love is something that you constantly work on. Something you choose to have in your life everyday. Something that you have decided is worth the constant effort.

Anyway, the show was great. It was hard to watch at times. It had adultery, cheating, secret love, open marriages... etc. But you know... it showed the effects of these life styles on the people who lived this way. It showed the pain.

Here are some notes and quotes from the show that I wrote down, hope you like them like I did.
*"He's a snob. He likes pop music but he's too embarrassed to say so."
*"It moves me. The way real music is supposed to move normal people."
*"It's only a couple of marriages, and a child. What's the big deal?"
*"That's what life is about. Not having all the answers."
*"Will you still love me when my tits are droopy? Of course love, it's your bum I'm hot for."
*"You don't care enough to care."
*"You don't love me the way I love you."
*"He's not writing to compete. He's writing to be heard."
*"I love you. I'm your best pal. Your my best mate."
*"Don't I count?"
*"There's nothing really there. Never was. Only your perception."
*"When it's gone, [love] everything is pain."
*"There's no trick loving someone at best. It's loving them at their worst."
*"Please don't let your feelings for me fade. I need you. They won't will they?"
*"To marry one actress is unfortunate. To marry a second is just asking for it!"

more catch up...

Ok. sorry. it's been forever since I've written... but I've been seeing shows, touring around London, writing hundreds of papers (keep in mind that I am NEVER dramatic. Ever. ha.) ANNNDDDD I spent a long weekend in Paris with just two of my girlfriends! amazing! I'll be putting up pictures and info about all that we've been up to. I miss you all so much. Give the states a hug for me!
I'll be home in two weeks!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Run ToTo, Run!

Today in London, I actually saw a girl on her bike riding with puppy in the basket! It was like I was in a movie! I love London.

Monday, 17 May 2010

This is how I feel as I'm working on the second of three papers I have to do for class tomorrow IN LONDON!!!!!

our first experience with real life London Fish N Chips!

So we worked hard to find a real "hole in the wall" legit (yes... I said legit) London fish n chips place and oh did we find it! It was quite an adventure actually. there was no place to sit and so they gave you your little bag with your cod (literally it was the size of a real foot long fish... like. they gave you the whole fish, and about the biggest mountain of chips you have ever seen and sent you on your way. No utensils... no condiments... no nothing. It was quite the experience. We're still not sure how our fingers were greasy AND sticky at the same time... but they were. oh... and even though the bag says "The healthiest meal for all the family".. it is NOT. believe nothing you read in london. ever. London lies. Esp about it's weather.

London! We love you!

impossible? NOTHING is impossible

I'll bet you all thought that there was no way to wear so many different colors of yellow at one time. But it is not impossible. In fact. It is possible. wow. you can see that I'm really learning a whole lot here in London. wow.
ps. that is NOT my closet behind me. Believe it or not (natalie!) that my side of the room is very clean, thank you very much.

So much to prove that I still don't know what I'm doing...

Blogs are confusing. I still can't figure out why some of the pictures I put up are big and some are small. and I still can't figure out how to "follow" someone consistently. Sometimes it seems to work and sometimes it doesn't. It's been a little rough.

HOWEVER! on the bright side, I am now looking the right way before I cross the street here in London. This also means that I will probably get hit by a car when I go home.

But ya know... things are still good. Things are good.

Sunday, 16 May 2010


this show was incredibleeeeee!!!!!
It was a combo platter of cirque du solei and a mental institution. Literally. It was an acrobatic group showing the effects of mental illness and disease in people's lives. How it effects them and everyone else around them. So many were depicted. Amnesia, Agoraphobia, Addiction, multiple personality disorder, insomnia, explosive rage disorder, hearing voices and a few others that I can't remember. It was beautiful. Watching these people depict these illnesses through their talents, which included everything from the trapese to juggling. It was incredible! look it up if you get the chance!! By the way... these are pictures of us in the underground doing amazing stunts because "we are in PSY!!!!" believe it. we are professionals.oh... and the other pictures are pictures from the actual show. The real professionals. But I'd say we're just as good. What do you think?

Euydice!! The Young Vic Theater

This show was really cool actually. The acting was not super impressive but the set and the ideas behind it and the staging were really cool. If you don't recognize the name Eurydice, look it up. It's a greek myth and the saddest tragedy ever. But it's great. I love it. definitely read it if you get the chance. it's really really short.

Anyway, the show was in a round theater (audience on all sides) and the stage was just a blank black stage that was made out of grates. This ended up being so cool because they had a fountain underneath the stage that would come up in different forms through the floor. so at one point there was a little pool, at another point there was a huge fountain at the party... etc. Loved it! Again, the acting wasn't anything too impressive, but the show overall was good. ok, here are just a few quotes that I liked from the show. You can look up the actual story if you want to. Keep in mind that all of these quotes that I put up from all the shows are not necessarily quotes that I agree with or love. They are just quotes that make me think. I hope they do the same for you.

*"I don't need to know about rhythm, I have my books."
*"Your hair will be my orchestra."
*"May our lives be filled with music."
*"I am a very interesting person. And I'm going to a party filled with interesting people. Orpheus is not a very interesting name. I've heard it before."
*"I was not lonely, only alone. With myself."
*"Being sad is not allowed. Act like a stone."
*"Dead people can't see."
*"Practice is a word for cowards."
*"Husbands are for children. You need a lover."

Friday, 14 May 2010

some pictures from exploring downtown london

Hyde Park!

OK, so I finally made it into Hyde Park today and it was gorgeous! I was only there for a few minutes so there isn't a whole lot to talk about or show yet, but I promise I'll write more soon and put up more pictures!
The place is probably the most gorgeous place I've been here in London so far.
There are tons of memorials, statues (like the peter pan statue that is in Hook and is super famous apparently) and a animals in war memorial. Ha! I couldn't take it seriously. It was just so funny. "They had no choice" ha. Ok. I should be more respectful.
here are some pretty pictures from the park! more to come for sure!

A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Globe Theater

We saw A Midsummer Night's dream at the Globe theater as well. It was a pretty good show, but the seats we had were pretty bad so we didn't see a whole lot of the show... there isn't much to say about the show.
umm.. it was set in the late 20's. Puck was dressed as a cabaret dancer which was a pretty cool idea. The players were fantastic in my opinion. and... yup. that's about all.

But I can't complain! I was seeing another shakespeare production at the GLOBE THEATER in LONDON! So, it was great.

Taking Steps

We went to see the farce Taking Steps, written and directed by Alan Ayckbourn. If you don't know who this is, he's amazing! Look him up. The show was fantastic!!! It's in the top three of all the shows I've seen so far! I loved it sooooo much! I want to do the show now! The acting was brillant as was the staging. the pictures here are from outside the Orange Tree Theater where we saw the show, and a picture of us with some of the actors afterwards! Here are some notes from the show:

The show was set in the round. (audience on all sides) and no side was ever ignored. Mr. Watson was by far the best actor I've seen here in London. Incredible character work. If you ever get the chance to read the play... he's the funniest thing ever!

*"Look, it's a wonderful thing to be treated like a goddess, but after about ten minutes it gets very boring. He thinks I'm perfect. I have to leave the room to scratch."
*"I think that the house is no one but me. I mean, I'm me, in the house. The only one. "
*"If you want to know the time, you don't ask a police man. Go find a watch shop."
*"He's a thoroughly unpleasant little shit, isn't he?"
*"That is unethically a breach of everything. Ever."
*"My life isn't in danger until the sun hits the pillow."
*"Is the prospect all that awful? Of me?"

More Museums!

Okkk, so since I last wrote, I've been to the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Clink Prison Museum andddd the National Science Museum!

The Victoria & Albert museum was amazing. It had sculptures by Michael Angelo and a bunch of other amazing artists, paintings from all over the world, tombs, ancient recovered pieces of buildings and a huge fashion exhibit of america's fashion going from the 1800's to present.
there were also exhibits from ancient rome, china, korea, middle east etc. It is a must! if you even get the chance to go, go!!!!!

Then we went to the Clink Prison Museum! this place was so much fun! And scary... and sad. It is the remains of a real prison that housed prisoners (men women and children) from the 1100's to the 1800's. it had a lot of information about the cruelty and inhuman treatment of the prisoners... and we probably should have been more respectful but we actually spent all of our time taking pictures in real torture chairs and of real chastity belts. Ha! But it was only three pounds and really fun.

The National Science museum was way fun! Lots of cool space stuff and old engines and science things... it was so cool! One of the best museums so far!

we also went to Boroughs Market! It's a place where hundreds of people come to sell they're homemade food everyday! amazing! loved it!

ps. the picture of the dress was grace kelly's dress! awesome.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

London Temple!

Went to the London Temple with my class yesterday. It was great as always. Beautiful. It's just great to see how the church really is the same no matter where you go on this earth!
The gospel is true!!!

Monday, 10 May 2010


Today I ate that I real authentic English pub! And it was great! Also, while I was there, a guy came over to me from the bar and started talking to me. He was from south africa and his accent was crazy sexy. anyway... the long and the short of it is that he asked me if I wanted to bring my friend and meet he and his friends for some beers at a hotel tonight. obviously im not going, but it made me feel pretty. ha! that's my day.... hope the states are wonderful. I miss them

Sunday, 9 May 2010

gospel doctrine in london- BRILLIANT!

Ok, so today I went to church here in the center of London and I just have to write the funniest thing. Taking gospel doctrine in london is THE BEST!!! my teacher sounded like Jim Dale! (if you don't know who that is... he's really famous.... he did lots of stuff, but he also narrated all of the Harry Potter books on tape! and I love him. Seriously though, just listening to him... I could have been in a documentary on india or something. it was amazing! just... it was great. and... I love it here.
this is jim dale by the way.... and I love him. and I love my gospel doctrine teacher. ha. he was so british he was almost demeaning! It was great.


this is my flat and the view from my fifth floor apartment!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

pictures of me dancing onstage with the cast of twelfth night!

This was soooo fun! They called me up and I got to dance with them for a few minutes! The stage is so cool looking! Also.. when malvolio comes to break up the party... he got mad at me. and it was scary. awesome.