Friday, 30 April 2010

11 and 12, the first play I saw in london

So, today I saw my first play here and i loved it. (Here's a picture with me and a couple of the actors from the show.) It is called 11 and 12 and was about religious tolerance in africa while it was under french control. And it was really interesting. it was a blank stage covered with a huge bright orange carpet that covered up a stage full of sand which they used quite often to make shapes and write words. this was seriously cool. there were almost no props used and the entire show was based around substitution. it was excellent. there were only a few actors and the only colors used in the show were orange, blue and neutrals. awesomeeee. the only thing that was hard was we had seats where we just sat on the floor in front of the stage and that suckkkeddd. but its cool. ok. so I don't want to be boring a write a review or something like that but I wrote down some cool quotes from the show that I wrote down. They made me think. I hope they do the same for you.

*"when someone hits you and you hit back you are weak. if you do not hit back you are weak. A snake should not bite but it can hiss."
*''white people's shit is as black as black people's shit."
*"no man can serve two masters." (.. sound familiar?)
* "today I leave this world. Why should I be afraid?"
*"Just because you are born into a religion, doesn't mean you are apart of it."
*"Look ahead. Knowledge is on it's way."
*"The need to critizise is a contagious disease."
*"There are three truths; your truth, my truth, and the truth."
*"God's medals are not pinned on man's chests."

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