Friday, 30 April 2010

alright. here are just a few funny things so far! (bear in mind that this should all be read in a british accent).
* there are no restrooms.... only toilets! and the girls sign looks like a cute little girl with a bubble skirt with her arms out. dont worry. ill put up a picture of myself posing like her!
* there are no dentist offices... only dental clinics.
* our flat is tall and skinny and we live five floors up... which means, obviously, that my but or... "arse" is going to look FANTASTIC by the time i get back to utah.
* no street signs... this is fun. esp since heidi and i have no sense of direction and cannot read maps.
*everything here literally looks like it's right out of harry potter or mary poppins! the houses, the streets, the cars, the little shops! everything! I love it!
*my bus pass is called an oyster card. still haven't figured that one out....

alright that's all for now...

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  1. more funny things about London!!!!!
    *the speed bumps here are called speed HUMPS! ha. awesome.
    * and the coins all have crazy terms like pound, pense (you just call it a "P") etc. but my favorite is that there is a coin that is two p and it's called a tubbin!!! like in mary poppins!