Sunday, 22 May 2011


so in my last post I talked about being diagnosed with RA, or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Fun! I've decided that I'm going to start keeping my own personal little "living with RA journal" up here and maybe... if by some miracle somebody else reads this blog besides my parents... eventually I will start to connect with other people who are dealing with RA or other fun diseases.
So... I apologize up front if I sound whiny or dramatic.. but this is going to be the place where I let it all out and we'll see if I like doing it.. and if it is helpful to me at all.
ok. here we go

so today... the thing that is most frustrating is that I can't do little things anymore that I never used to think about. I'm always tired. Forget running or playing anymore... I get tired standing in the shower because my knees hurt so much. Putting on lotion or clipping my finger nails hurt so much and I never even thought about those things before.. or how often I do them.
I just hate how hard it is to do the tiniest littlest things now. it drives me insane. I think that is what is most depressing.

So... for now.. I will keep muscling through the difficult standing, lotion applying and medicine opening tasks that stand in my way each day! woo. it'll get better. It has to.

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  1. The best thing that worked for me is stop stressing out, buying aleve, doing yoga, and eating as well as my schedule permitted. Stress was a huge factor. I just accepted my life and kept moving on. I actually have ditched all of my medications because I got too sick just taking them. My doctor wanted to put me on a stronger medication but I researched it online and all of the small print freaked me out so I stopped going to the doctor. I've been planning to go to the doctor about once a year to keep my arthritis in check, but haven't made my yearly visit quite yet. haha