Thursday, 20 October 2011


We've all felt lonely before. We all have had those awful awful nights that last forever. Those bad days... bad years. Everybody has them. But I have to remind myself that just because everybody feels that way, it doesn't mean that may bad nights, bad days, and bad years are any less real or important.
RA makes you feel lonely. it ages you, alienates you, physically beats you. it's made me into one of those sick people that everybody feels bad for but that no one really knows how to touch or help. More than anything, it takes control of my emotions and makes me feel like everything I am feeling is 100 times worse than it actually is. it's so terribly painful. the emotions are so strong that they make my body ache.... which sucks... because it already does ache. BECAUSE I HAVE RA!
I feel alone today. and sad. I guess I just wanted to put that somewhere. so now I have. I hope that somebody will read this and know that atleast I know how they feel.

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