Sunday, 13 June 2010

All My Sons at the Apollo Theater

This is one of the saddest most moving, honest plays I have ever seen. It was beautiful. If you ever get the chance to see it or read it, DO! (oh, and madame Hooch from Harry Potter was the lead! fun little tid bit there.)

Ok, here are my notes!
*"The trouble with you is you don't believe in anything." "The trouble with you is that you believe in anything!"
*"War changes everything. I once had two sons and now I have one."
*"Every week a different book comes out. All different."
*"In was, men don't die. Men kill themselves for each other."
*"You have a right to whatever you have. whatever you want."
*"Do you not realize how people can hate? They can hate so much that they tear the world apart."
*"When is the right time to let go?"
*"You can never owe something without resentment."
*"When you get older you want to feel like you've accomplished something. The only thing I ever accomplished was my son. And that's enough."
*"Everything can cross your mind."
*"How could we argue? We call got hit by the same lightening."
*"A little man makes a mistake, they hang him by his thumbs. A big man makes a mistake, they make him an embassador."
*"There are some men in this world who will wait to see the whole world hanged before they'll take the blame."
*"I knew you were no worse than those men. But I thought you were better. I thought you were better than all those men."
*"A man can't be a Jesus in his own world."
*"Silence is more effective than shouting. Stop shouting."

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