Sunday, 13 June 2010

London Assurance at the National Theater!

This show was one of the best that I saw while in London! And the leading lady was Petunia from Harry Potter! Ha. fun. She's so so brilliant. I definitely have a girl crush on her. It was a comedy and it was excellently done. Here are some quotes that I wrote down and some notes:

*"State? What do you mean state? I'm in a beautiful state!"
*My beauties are of home manufacture."
*A choice between marrying you and complete poverty, I dare say it's a tie."
*A woman is always in love with one or another ( a man or herself) and I know which is the most profitable."
*"I am a lawyer. Why do you think I'm lying?" "You're talking."
*"Men talk of killing time while time is slowly killing them..."
*Recommended? Is he a husband or a restaurant."
*"Excessively polite.... must be a solicitor."
*"Do you have a rifle?""Heavens no! I have people to shoot for me."
*"I wish that all creation had but one mouth, that I could kiss it!"
*"Darling, I'm sorry but you have lost the little bit of wit that was dribbled into your tiny head."

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