Sunday, 13 June 2010


Ok, so mid may, while still studying in London, Lex, Heidi and I went to France for a weekend! It was amazing! My computer is sick so I can't put up pictures yet, but here's what we did in Paris!

Day 1:
*We took the chunnel from London to Paris!
*we found our hostel!! it was called the Perfect Hostel and it was! It was so so great! We even had a bidet in our room! amazing!
*Then... I bought a real french baguette from a real little french bakery! It was amazing. I can never enjoy other types of bread again...
*We went to the Sacre Couer!!! It was a gorgeous gorgeous temple! Probably one of my favorite things we saw.
*PLACE du TERTRE! This was the coolest place! It's just a street covered with painters! I even got my picture drawn by a guy named Claude! (He probably went through 4 cigarettes while drawing me!) It was amazing! And the picture is gorgeous!
*Then we walked all around Monmartre (which is where we lived). The streets of Paris are gorgeous.
*we then went to a famous macaroon place and they were so so so so good! oh my gosh.
*La Madeline Chapel! Gorgeous!
*Tuileries Gardens! These were some of the most amazing gardens I have ever seen! And they were right in front of the Louvre! so wonderful! We just spent a while sitting around there. Amazing.
*We visited the Louvre, but didn't go inside until Friday.
*Then we went to the EIFFEL TOWER!!!! ... i didn't go up... since I'm a total pansy, and it's really high... but I did do some yoga with Heidi at the base of it.
Finally, we got dinner at a cafe called Cafe le Dome at the base of the tower and went home! An amazing first day in Paris!!

Day 2:
*We visited and took a little tour inside the Opera! This is the famous opera house that inspired the story of Phantom of the Opera and it was gorgeous! So beautiful and ornate. I wish I could have spent all day there.
*Comedie Francais! (A play house where some of Moliere's plays were first done! Love him.
*NOTRE DAME!!! This place was as amazing inside and out as you could ever imagine. Amazing
*Hotel de Ville (another amazing building that has been around since the 12th century!)
*Saint Michele!!!! This series of streets was covered in little shops, food places and lots of other stuff. I ate amazing food there and bought some art and was asked by a french man if I would kiss him! All in a days work my friend... all in a days work.
*Finally, once it got dark we walked down the Champs Elysees to the famous Arch! It was gorgeous! I promise... pictures are coming!!!
*after these two long days I had the sorest most tired feet and definitely soaked them in the bidet! DON'T JUDGE! it was amazing.

Day 3:
*We called this day our "dead people" day. ha!
*We visited Le Pere Lachaise. This is a famous cemetery were we found the graves or Oscar Wilde, Isadora Duncan, Moliere and a ton of others! It was so cool
*on our way to St. Michele street for a second time a man came a played the accordian on hte metro! It was awesome.
*We went to the catacombs just to find out they were closed due to a "small flood". This was sad... but we got over it.
*So we found Napoleon's Tomb
*visited the Tuleries Gardens again... and then.....
*WENT TO THE LOUVRE!!!! This museum was so so so wonderful. I can't wait to go again some day!

Finally Day 4:
*Versailles!!!!!! Amazing, amazing, AMAZING! the best part of Paris! amazing!
*Finally, we ate some french deserts by the Musee d'Orsay and then got back on the chunnel and went home!!!

(pictures are coming)

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