Saturday, 26 June 2010


I went to Stratford (the home of Shakespeare just a couple hours outside of London) for a couple of days and it was probably one of the best parts of my London excursion.
Ok, so
DAY #1
* We stopped at Coventry Cathedral which is one of the oldest cathedrals still standing. One of the walls was from the 10th century i believe. Crazy. And it had been bombed during world war II and was left broken to show the effect of war on Europe. It was gorgeous and truly moving.
*Next we went to KENNILWORTH CASTLE! This place was so so so cool! Gorgeous! amazing. beautiful! I loved it. Can you tell? Just look at the pictures!
*Anne Hathaway's house. (no... not the actress.... Shakespeare's wife, thank you.) This was pretty cool because the house was beautiful but it was also where Shakespeare courted anne. Bow chica bow wow. ha. ps. did you know that they were pregnant before they were married?? Scandalous!
*Mary Arden's Farm. This is the farm where Shakespeare's mother lived and it is still a working farm today. We got to see amazing owls and hawks. Sounds weird, but it was really amazing.
*Then we checked into our Bed and Breakfast (Lex, heidi, Jason, christian and I shared one) called the Woodstock and it was the cutest little place I have ever been to! Even the toilets were pink! The couple who ran it were so so nice and they made AMAZING breakfast. Plus, it was so nice sleeping in a nice bed with a tv for the first time in weeks. Not to mention the endless supply of herbal teas!
*we ate at the Windmill Inn, which in my opinion is the best pub in England
*Finally we saw an amazing performance of Romeo and Juliet performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Incredible.

ok.. DAY #2
*We visited Shakespeare's birthplace
*His sister's house (she married a doctor and we saw lots of old scary medical tools). It's really sad to see that the instruments for pap smears and other fun things like that really haven't changed at all over time.... dang it.
*The house Shakespeare lived in during his married life. Also cool.
*Shakespeare's grave
*Spent some time on the river on this gorgeous gorgeous day!
*ate at the WINDMILL Inn AGAIN.
*Saw Antony and Cleopatra performed by the ROyal ShakespeareCo. again after taking a tour of the theater! It was, as always, an incredible show.

DAY #3
*we left Stratford and visited Blenheim Palace (The home of many famous people, including Winston Churchill). This place was amazing. We took a tour of the palace, took a little train to the gardens and maze. Went into a butterfly house, walked through a maze and walked around a giant life size chess set! This place was amazing.

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