Friday, 7 May 2010

time to catch up!

Ok, it's been a few days since I've updated this page and there's lots that I've done! I'll probably just put up some notes from the plays I've seen and a few pictures of the places I've been. Today we went to the Kew Gardens! They were amazing. Literally miles of gardens and all of these wild animals that would jut walk up to us like peacocks and foxen! *notice the correctness of the statement, thank you.* and... I've seen like four shows in the past three days: Les Miserables, The Habit of Art, Enron, Twelfth Night, and Women Beware Women. Ok. so five. I love London. All I do is see shows and walk around outside and go to museums. Also, today I went to all of these antique shops and bought a couple pairs of earrings. They're amazing! Em and Nat, you guys will die. Tonight I'm probably going to a dance in Hyde Park, which is across the street from where I live and then tomorrow.... I miiiiiiight be going to stonehedge!!!! I'm not sure yet! But if not tomorrow, then Tuesday for sure. We'll see. yay!

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