Monday, 17 May 2010

our first experience with real life London Fish N Chips!

So we worked hard to find a real "hole in the wall" legit (yes... I said legit) London fish n chips place and oh did we find it! It was quite an adventure actually. there was no place to sit and so they gave you your little bag with your cod (literally it was the size of a real foot long fish... like. they gave you the whole fish, and about the biggest mountain of chips you have ever seen and sent you on your way. No utensils... no condiments... no nothing. It was quite the experience. We're still not sure how our fingers were greasy AND sticky at the same time... but they were. oh... and even though the bag says "The healthiest meal for all the family".. it is NOT. believe nothing you read in london. ever. London lies. Esp about it's weather.

London! We love you!


  1. I'm choosing to believe them, I can dream about healthy oily food if I want to. Please please.

  2. ps. the smell of the cod that comes with the fish and chips made me sick. twice in fact. it was terrible.