Sunday, 2 May 2010

Macbeth at the Globe Theater and walking around down town London

I couldn't have felt more like a tourist yesterday as we were walking around London. Seriously, I was walking around with a group of about fifty silly 20 year old girls with cameras saying things like... "oo! this looks like harry potter!" I did this too sometimes though so I can't really judge. But it was gorgeous!!!! Now it's time to go into the palaces and cathedrals and big ben. All in due time. :D

then!! We all got the chance to see Macbeth in the Theater today! Oh my gosh it was incredible! The theater is run just like it would have ran originally so there were no sound effects that were not created by musicians on s Globe tage and there was nothing but natural lighting. it was incredible. How many times have I said incredible so far? Like... twenty? ok, so. (troy tenney... that was for you ;)) we were in the poor people section as I like to call it which meant we all got to crowd around right up to the stage. It kind of felt like when all the kids huddle up in front of the font to see a kid baptized. This also meant that we had to stand for the entire three hour performance. this was hard, but the show was so good that I was able to survive it most of the time. ha. They also had a huge piece of fabric that stretched out over the whole standing section with little slits in it for our heads to poke through. This was to give the feeling and appearance that we were all people in hell, and apart of the show. Sometimes the witches to the dead would come scrambling through in between our legs or come up covered in blood and screaming. yeah. Kind of freaky but incredibly effective. the whole show was about as bloody and sexually driven as it could have been. However, this to me, only strengthened the show as it is all about how once you allow evil to enter your life it ruins it.

So. about half an hour before it ended (by the way, we were EXHAUSTED by this point) it started to rain. But the Globe Theater is proud of the fact that they perform rain or shine! And it was freezing rain. THEN it started HAILING! HAILING! there were huge chunks of ice falling on our heads and the actors heads! By the time the show was over we were all (actors and audience) drenched and freezing and while it could have made the experience terrible... it actually made it all worth it. By the end it was so ridiculous that we were all just laughing hysterically! Oh my gosh! It was so fun! A true Globe Theater experience. It will probably stay the highlight of my time here in London.

Anyway, that's all for now.


  1. wow. you really just compared the yard of the globe to the area in front of the baptismal font. could you be any more mormon?

  2. suck it!!!! it was an attempt at visual imagery, okkkkk???