Friday, 7 May 2010


Ok, so I've been to a ton of museums and I want to start keeping a record of all of the ones that I got to and especially the ones that I really like!

*Museum of London- this place was so cool. It starts with the oldest artifacts that they have found in london... back like 30 million years ago. Ancient tools, arrow heads, carvings, fossils etc. (Most of which were found in the Thames river.) Then it goes through the time of the roman empire and it's rule over london. Some of the coolest textiles and coins and armor and weaponry. It was amazing! And it kept going through all through the time of the plague (that Killed 50 million in Europe alone by the way) and different perfumes and tools they and the doctors would use to ward off the disease. The fire of London... etc. Then, when you go downstairs there is an exhibit that takes you all the way to present day. It's closed for repairs or something until the end of may but I'm going back! it'll be sooo cool.

*Natural History Museum!- This place was the first place I went after class on my second day here in London. It was amazing. There was a ton of info on the earth and it's "power". ha. awesome. But tons on earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and other things like that. (astronomy too). It told you how so much of it worked and had all of these things where you could, for example, stand on a platform and feel what a 4.0 earthquake felt like. Stuff like that. I LOVED it! Also, there was probably a sample of every jewel and mineral and stone on this planet. It was so gorgeous to look through. Then there was a whole section on sea life with a life size blue whale and ancient fossils of sea creatures. Cool. Dinosaurs. Taxedermied (sp?) animals... a human anatomy section that probably taught me more about sex and the human body than I EVER wanted to know. ha! this place was so cool. I have to go back and look at it more! yay!

*Banqueting House- this is the last banqueting house left standing in Europe and it was gorgeous. The whole celling was covered in gold plating and murals and there was a throne and it was the place where Charles I was executed! wo ho!! I have a ton of pictures of all of this stuff, from all of the museums... just look on my facebook. yay. awesome. ok. I'll keep you posted on all the museums I go to.

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