Wednesday, 26 May 2010

39 Steps!

Ha Ha Ha! This show was awesome! Lex, Heidi and I went to it on our own and it was so fun and unique. I loved it. It was a four person cast that did a a comedy of a huge mash up of all the Hitchcock films! So SO fun. loved it. I'm sure I didn't get all of the jokes that were in it but I loved it. It was fast paced... like everything here, and funny, slapstick, and full of an incredibly talented cast. Oh, and these four characters played about 40 different characters throughout the show! awesomeeee

Two quotes from it that I really liked though:
*"May I ask you what earthquake got your brain working finally?"
*"So long as I am at this podium, I am free from the cares and anxieties of a man in my state."

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