Friday, 14 May 2010

More Museums!

Okkk, so since I last wrote, I've been to the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Clink Prison Museum andddd the National Science Museum!

The Victoria & Albert museum was amazing. It had sculptures by Michael Angelo and a bunch of other amazing artists, paintings from all over the world, tombs, ancient recovered pieces of buildings and a huge fashion exhibit of america's fashion going from the 1800's to present.
there were also exhibits from ancient rome, china, korea, middle east etc. It is a must! if you even get the chance to go, go!!!!!

Then we went to the Clink Prison Museum! this place was so much fun! And scary... and sad. It is the remains of a real prison that housed prisoners (men women and children) from the 1100's to the 1800's. it had a lot of information about the cruelty and inhuman treatment of the prisoners... and we probably should have been more respectful but we actually spent all of our time taking pictures in real torture chairs and of real chastity belts. Ha! But it was only three pounds and really fun.

The National Science museum was way fun! Lots of cool space stuff and old engines and science things... it was so cool! One of the best museums so far!

we also went to Boroughs Market! It's a place where hundreds of people come to sell they're homemade food everyday! amazing! loved it!

ps. the picture of the dress was grace kelly's dress! awesome.

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  1. ok. im not trying to be crude here... but The David's ... little david... was not a little david. it was as big as my FACE!!!
    this was slightly discomforting.