Sunday, 16 May 2010


this show was incredibleeeeee!!!!!
It was a combo platter of cirque du solei and a mental institution. Literally. It was an acrobatic group showing the effects of mental illness and disease in people's lives. How it effects them and everyone else around them. So many were depicted. Amnesia, Agoraphobia, Addiction, multiple personality disorder, insomnia, explosive rage disorder, hearing voices and a few others that I can't remember. It was beautiful. Watching these people depict these illnesses through their talents, which included everything from the trapese to juggling. It was incredible! look it up if you get the chance!! By the way... these are pictures of us in the underground doing amazing stunts because "we are in PSY!!!!" believe it. we are professionals.oh... and the other pictures are pictures from the actual show. The real professionals. But I'd say we're just as good. What do you think?

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