Sunday, 16 May 2010

Euydice!! The Young Vic Theater

This show was really cool actually. The acting was not super impressive but the set and the ideas behind it and the staging were really cool. If you don't recognize the name Eurydice, look it up. It's a greek myth and the saddest tragedy ever. But it's great. I love it. definitely read it if you get the chance. it's really really short.

Anyway, the show was in a round theater (audience on all sides) and the stage was just a blank black stage that was made out of grates. This ended up being so cool because they had a fountain underneath the stage that would come up in different forms through the floor. so at one point there was a little pool, at another point there was a huge fountain at the party... etc. Loved it! Again, the acting wasn't anything too impressive, but the show overall was good. ok, here are just a few quotes that I liked from the show. You can look up the actual story if you want to. Keep in mind that all of these quotes that I put up from all the shows are not necessarily quotes that I agree with or love. They are just quotes that make me think. I hope they do the same for you.

*"I don't need to know about rhythm, I have my books."
*"Your hair will be my orchestra."
*"May our lives be filled with music."
*"I am a very interesting person. And I'm going to a party filled with interesting people. Orpheus is not a very interesting name. I've heard it before."
*"I was not lonely, only alone. With myself."
*"Being sad is not allowed. Act like a stone."
*"Dead people can't see."
*"Practice is a word for cowards."
*"Husbands are for children. You need a lover."

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